I’m helping leaders and teams operate at their best – one powerful conversation at a time 

We believe clarity drives change and transformation. So, if you want to operate at your best, you don’t need fluff. You need the truth.  

Kristy Williams Consulting, Corp eliminates the noise and distractions, focuses on the real issues, and guides leaders and teams through the work required to operate with excellence.  

No corporate rhetoric. Just Real. Practical. Results.

Are You Ready to…


Are You Ready To...

  • Improve leadership skills and performance to increase impact and influence?
  • Accelerate the personal development of individuals ready for promotion and leadership?
  • Address derailing behavior that stands in the way of progress?
  • Create a work environment where EVERYONE can flourish and operate at their best?
  • Enhance the effectiveness and interactions of your teams?
  • Align your organization around a common purpose so you can all move in the same direction?
  • Foster a culture of high performance, accountability and excellence?
  • Achieve real results?
Kristy can help!

Our Services Are Straightforward

Operating in ambiguity is draining and simply unproductive.  If organizations want to operate with excellence and position leaders and teams to consistently achieve business objectives, your organization needs clarity.

Through a very practical and simple approach we partner with leaders and teams to help them get crystal clear on what they are aiming to accomplish and what it’s going to take for the people in their organization to get it done – well.  We know that once you have clarity of purpose and begin to engage people in honest conversations about your current realities, you are strategically positioning the organization to make the best decisions to produce long-term and sustainable results.  You are creating alignment.  Momentum. Now, you can go – faster!

Our CEO is Transformational

Kristy Williams, principal and CEO

Kristy Williams, principal and CEO, has over 20 years of experience leading organizational strategy and alignment sessions, and coaching front-line, midlevel and senior executive leaders and teams. She has led major change initiatives to support organizations in transforming their culture and strategy to support their business goals and objectives.

Kristy has the ability to link business strategy to people effectiveness, and helps organizations build their leadership effectiveness as well as their people infrastructure and processes to ensure ongoing results. She is personable and direct, which makes her impact uniquely effective and long-lasting. She works diligently to ensure that organizations become stronger and more effective.

Our Values Are Clear


To be a catalyst for the change our clients need that will lead to the results they want.


To cultivate a healthy partnership with clients that supports personal, physical, and professional responsibility.


To inspire trusting partnerships by eliminating the fluff and simply telling the truth.


To be fully committed to the sustainable success of those we serve.


To make a lasting difference and ensure our clients are much more effective than they were before they had one conversation with us.

Executive Presence

To operate in a state of leadership, excellence, and humility at all times.