Real, Practical, and Gets Results

Kristy Williams, principal and CEO

Kristy Williams was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago. Although Kristy grew up in Chicago’s inner city, her parents worked hard to ensure that she was exposed to a world beyond her “block” and had access to excellent education, resources, and mentors. It is her inner-city roots and working-class upbringing, coupled with an intrinsic desire for excellence, that makes her real, practical, and results-driven.

Kristy believes that “work” should be a place where people can bring their best thinking and ideas to advance a company’s mission in exchange for a wage and benefits that support a family’s goals and ambitions. She is committed to shifting a paradigm and a deep-seated belief that the evidence of hard work is feeling depleted and drained without energy to do anything else. The evidence of hard work is results!

This is why she is in the business of helping leaders and their organizations fix real problems that get in the way of achieving real results while ensuring people still have energy to spare at the end of the day.

Kristy Williams, CEO and Principal Consultant, has over 20 years of experience leading organizational strategy and alignment sessions, and coaching front-line, midlevel and senior executive leaders and teams. She has led major change initiatives to support organizations in transforming their culture and strategy to support their business goals and objectives.

Kristy has the ability to link business strategy to people effectiveness, and helps organizations build their leadership effectiveness as well as their people infrastructure and processes to ensure ongoing results. She is personable and direct, which makes her impact uniquely effective and long-lasting. She works diligently to ensure that organizations become stronger and more effective.

Kristy has a master’s degree in leadership and organizational development and a bachelor’s degree in marketing.  She’s worked for and held leadership positions at General Electric, Navistar, U.S. Cellular, W.W. Grainger, and Rush System for Health.  Kristy Williams Consulting, Corp’s client list includes Michigan’s Department of Transportation, Rush System for Health, Illinois Action for Children, the Executives’ Club of Chicago, DuPage Medical Group, Magid Glove and Safety, Wayne State University Physicians’ Group, Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, and AGB Security Services.