Work From Home Tips – That Really Work!

So your home has become your office? Working from home is welcome change for some, but others (like me) find the adjustment challenging. 

If you’re struggling with the transition, let me challenge your perspective about your new work environment. Imagine life with more time to exercise, healthier meals and moments to catch your breath between meetings. 

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WAIT! Before you go BACK to things…

How have you taken advantage of the past 60 days?

Life’s noise has gone silent. All of the “extra” is gone. Traffic. Parking. The sprint to the 8 a.m. meeting. Running to the lunch meeting. Running from the lunch meeting. More traffic. Project due! Phone calls. Picking up dinner? Kid’s game.  Email (at night). You certainly know I could go on…

This devastating pandemic has forced us to slow down. 

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This is, no doubt, a challenging time. People across the globe are looking to leaders to get us on the other side of this pandemic. And, I know you are busy figuring out what to communicate as you try to understand the implications of this disruption on the organization’s plans, goals, and commitments (as you should be). Yes, people need information. Yes, people need a plan. And, people need to feel confidence in you

Here are a few practical tips to support you as you lead through this challenging time…